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Norman Reedus shares pic from The Walking Dead

Norman Reedus, the actor who portrays fan favorite Daryl Dixon on AMC’s The Walking Dead, posted…

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Bacon taco!

Bacon taco!


This is Princess Dead Pool. My 3 year old told me EXACTLY how she wanted the costume to look and walked me through the entire thing, bossing me around. It was so much fun.

Winter is Coming handmade sterling ring on Flickr.

Handmade Game of Thrones ring. Made by me!

Handmade Leia and Han ringsHandmade Leia and Han rings

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LOL! Lots of bad feelings about this… #starwars

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The Tardis Lands in The Mushroom Kingdom

Created and submitted by CopiouslyGeeky

Love this! 8-bit TARDIS

TARDIS dress. by jere7my on Flickr.

Such awesome geekery!!! TARDIS dress, complete with panel to reveal inside!

Video games are GOOD for you! :-)